July 22, 2007

"Malena" by Ennio Morricone

With black and white stills from Giuseppe Tornatore's "Malena" whose musical score and cinematography merited Oscar nominations.

This Italian film mirrors "an intimate portrait and an epic story of the courage we discover, the innocence we surrender, and the memories we cherish.....forever".

Extended cut

Final scene from Giuseppe Tornatore's "Cinema Paradiso," a compilation of scenes ordered expurgated by censors in the film's plot. The compilation was spliced together by the character of Alfredo, the fatherly projectionist who would make Toto, the man in the clip, teary-eyed watching his pièce de résistance.

Music by Morricone, the Ennio Marricone.

I haven't seen the entire film. So whoever lends me a copy of the movie deserves a bucket of popcorn -any flavor - from me. :)

Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune (with rolling score)

Claude Debussy's piano piece, with scrolling score; performance and graphics by Stephen Malinowski (smalin).

YouTube's smalin says, "Just wanted to know the math behind the visual demo.

x=time, y=pitch, color=pitch class (and brighter when sounding). The colors of the color wheel are mapped to the circle of fifths, with the tonic (home key) being blue and the dominant (the fifth scale degree) being in the red (as opposed to green) direction. I think of this as being a spatial mapping more than a mathematical one, but maybe that's because I'm not much of a mathematician."

Asteeg, rak en rol! n_n

Point-and-shoot Paparazzo's First Take

Unlike before, there was no press ID hanging around my neck. Not even that bright yellow org ID I used to have back in college camera club. Am completely on my own when I was invited to shoot at this recent media blitz attended by GMA-7 and some familiar names in print media.

redmark had to make its own mark.

There I was at the press conference of Eye Catchers Model Search Grand Finals Season 1 at the Embassy Cuisine in Fort Bonifacio, July 20, 2007. Mapapalaban ako, sabi ko. Mukha nga.

The call time was at mid-afternoon. I challenged myself to do a decent gig inspite na hindi ako nakatulog after my 9pm-6am work shift. Ganun talaga kapag first time. Armed with my precious little fella called Kodak Easyshare 4-megapixel point-and-shoot camera and a film SLR as my back up buddy, I tapped all those words and tricks I learned from the academe, friends and from my apprenticeship with Miguel Cortez.

From the innards of Quiapo, to the patios of Manila's centuries-old churches - redmark's beloved playgrounds - young human mannequins paraded before me in a thing called model search. And so here are some of the results with my (literally) nervous hands.

Hmm, redmark brand of photography anyone?

Special thanks to STYLE magazine, Mr. Rob Altamirano and Mr. Jonas Gruet.


July 19, 2007

Pinikpikan's "Una Kaya" Live at DLSU

I saw this group performed live at the Musiko Mundo festival at the CCP front lawn a few years ago and again at a gig in UP for the World Earth Day celebration. If you're a fan of great Pinoy rock and roll and world music, nothing beats Pinikpikan.

They started out as an impromptu group of instrumentalists in Bagiuo and after years of playing music together, they had delighted fans in the underground circuit. Buti may dalawang albums na sila sold commercially. At ngayon, someone from You.Tube posted videos of their performances. But I'm telling you, better see them perform live in an open venue.

Clair de Lune, 1962

Just listen to the music.

And if you're a certified child of the 90s, suddenly you'd remember a young Richard Gomez in a white bench muscle shirt gloriously rowing across the pristine waters...

"David Oistrakh plays beautifuly Claire de Lune. Recorded in Paris, 1962, with Frida Bauer on piano."

July 17, 2007

A river runs through it

Pasig River as seen from the Quiapo-bound Quezon Bridge...

A walk to remember

"Bahala na si Batman" kung saan man mapunta ang mga kinasaksihan ng mga tagpong ito...

CCP Bayside Promenade, July 15, 2007

Missing arm on Memorare - Manila 1945 memorial

On my previous entry of the same subject, I used black and white negative film to record the delicate features of the superb artwork by P. de Guzman in Intramuros.

The day I captured it on film was raining.

A year later under the same over cast sky, I came back with a point-and-shoot digicam. And I was horrified to see one of the figures dismembered. A war victim... 62 years later?

July 10, 2007

PEYUPI.com - An Online Community Website

If you had already plunged into the infinite depths of Tita Beb's legendary pot of lugaw, pwede ka and here's your trolley sa portal ng mga Pinagpalang Alagad ni Mabini...

Sulong, Polytechnic University of the Philippines!

July 6, 2007

Beauty of the Philippines - FotoFest 2007 Photo Contest DEADLINE

Start:     Jul 15, '07
"Beauty of the Philippines Photo Contest is a nationwide photo contest (organized by the Philippine Star and Canon) with an aim to capture in visual form the positive aspects of the country, its people and everything distinctly Filipino. Focus may be on nature (landscapes, seascapes, wild life), events or celebrations such as fiestas of the culture.

Entries must be submitted to PO Box 1786 Makati Central Post Office 1257 Makati City, Philippines. Deadline of Submission of entries is on July 15, 2007."

1st Prize: Canon EOS 400D Kit
2nd Prize: Canon Pixma MP460 Multi-Function Printer
3rd Prize: Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer


Cinemalaya 2007

Start:     Jul 20, '07
End:     Jul 29, '07
Location:     Cultural Center of the Philippines
120 films...

10 world premieres...

209 screenings in six venues around CCP's Tanghalang Pambansa... the biggest Cinemalaya to date.

Sugod mga kapatid!


July 5, 2007

Bye, tree

Because the road is getting too narrow for the volume of traffic along the winding Ortigas extention between the Ynares Center and Tikling in Antipolo, this beautiful tree has to give way.

Workers had just cut her down to accomodate the road widening project as well as the pipe laying by the Manila Watef Company.

This strip every summer would come to a lovely display of red blooms because of the abundance of fire trees. As the rainy days come, the flowers had started to fall. And so is this one beautful fiore tree because she's on a wrong spot.

July 4, 2007


Start:     Jul 4, '07
Location:     sa tabi-tabi...
Fil-American Friendship Day ngayon sa Pilipinas. Independence Day ng Amerika mamyang gabi, oras-Maynila, kaya walang pasok ang mga call boys at call girls ng pinagpipitaganang industriya ng BPO. Patay ang mga nagtatayugang gusali ng Ayala mamyang gabi. Ang saya, day off para sa aming lalamunan!

Nasa gusali pa rin ako ng kumpanya at pinagsasamantalahan ang internet sa game room. Mula sa ika-15 palapag ng gusali, matayog ang pagkakatayo ng Rufino Plaza subalit naliligo lamang ito sa anino ng gusaling aking kinaroroonan.

Bahala na. Ayoko pang umuwi. Walang buhay dito sa loob ng gusali na noo'y akin lamang tinatanaw mula sa kampus ng PUP. Mas masaya sa kalye, sa labas. Duon merong buhay. Duon maraming makikita. Dala ko ang aking dalawang kamera, sa kanila kasiyahan ay natatamasa.

Bahala na, laging ganun ang sistema. Basta, gagala ako at sasamantalahin ang isang araw at gabi na paglaya. Mabuhay kalayaan, wiiipeeeee!!!

PUP documentaries to air on ABC 5's DOKYU show

Start:     Jul 6, '07 10:00p
DOKYU, ABC 5, Fridays, 10 p.m.

8th Episode, July 6:
Polytechnic University of the
Philippines, Sta. Mesa

This documentary is about children who
steal fishes at the Navotas fish port,
a clear indication of the alarming
poverty in the country.
Polytechnic University of the
Philippines, Sta. Mesa

Amidst the problem of poverty-stricken
residence of Sitio Pulo, they still
manage to find a way to live, with the
meager resources around them.

July 3, 2007

Embraced by the light (and sounds from Fete de la Musique Manila 2007)

Too bad, wasted na ako nung dumating ako kaya limited ang aksyon...

Too bad I wasn't able to buy that 200-peso tshirt/CD souvenir...

Too bad that girl behind the jazz/ska stage didn't choose me for their beer drinking contest ( I already won twice sa team party namin sa work heheeh )...

Too bad, umulan ng bahagya. Pero kailangan ingatan ang digicam kundi tapos ang kaligayan.

Pero ok lang. Importante nakadalo at nag-enjoy. Nakapagtampisaw ang kaluluwa sa saliw ng musikang sinabayan ng malilikot na liwanag at konting magaan na serbesa.