December 21, 2009

Speak your mind without uttering a word

Start:     Dec 26, '09 9:00p
Location:     Las Brisas Hotel, Antipolo City
Pogi ako.

Wanted: Textmate.

Vote for Me!

Lucky Me!

Sex Instructor.

Fuentes Trading... for all Your Aluminum Needs.

PUP: Pataasan ng Utak, Pababaan ng Matrikula.

Sans Frontieres.

Tunay! Palaban! Makabayan!

Manila Dog.

Pinag-aral Din Ako ng NanayMo.

The Filipino is Worth Dying For.

Pagbabago Ngayon Na!

Wala Na Bang Iba?




Celebrate Christmas and end the year with a hushhush she-bang!

Wear your coolest statement shirt at dumalo sa pinakaaabangang piging ng Antipolo National High School Pugad 99ers.

Ang patrying walang pilitan, hatid lang ay kasiyahan!

We also welcome sponsorhips/small tokens for games. Please address all your concerns to our Event Coordinator, Noel Gallardo (+639276003570).

Happy Christmas, Kapugad!

December 2, 2009

Valenzuela school children nix drug abuse thru art

Elementary pupils raise a fistful in support of anti-drug abuse initiatives of the local government.

An interesting play of colors and words jazzed up by Valenzuela City elementary and high school students conveyed powerful messages against drug abuse at the recent jingle, slogan and poster making contest organized by the DepEd Division of City Schools of Valenzuela.

The contest was done in collaboration with the Valenzuela City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (VADAC) chaired by City Mayor WIN Gatchalian to drum up public support for the anti-drug abuse initiatives of the city.

VADAC Action Officer Antonio Espiritu said having anti-drug abuse advocacies the youth can actively participate in will help empower them with the right set of information and attitude. Authorities have claimed awareness and firm acceptance to these set of principles will deliberately keep people off the risk, thus effectively curbing the prevalence of drug dependency.

This cycle reflects on the recommendations made by the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) to emphasize campaigns aimed at values formation among the youth.

Presidential Proclamation No. 124 of 2001 declares the second or third week of November of every year as Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week to promote public awareness against the evil effects of illegal drug use, as well as encourage public cooperation in the government’s anti-drug campaign.

With this development, participating students from public and private schools were able to produce effective materials that will be officially incorporated in VADAC creative communication campaigns.

For the high school category, Sitero Francisco National High School was handed first place and a P10,000 prize money for its jingle penned by Virgilio Santos. The composition that carries the lines “gobyerno man eskwelahan at ating pamilya, tayo’y magtulong-tulong puksain natin ang droga” also bagged additional P3,000 for originality.

Parada National High School meanwhile claimed first place and P3,000 cash prize for its slogan “Walang lugar ang droga sa pamayanang may disiplina at nagkakaisa.” An interpretation of war on drug abuse as a community effort from the Canumay East High School capped the top prize for the poster making contest with P3,000 prize money.

Top prizes for the elementary category on the other hand went to Bignay Elementary School for the jingle making contest with an original composition titled “Kilos Mamamayan, Droga ay Labanan” by Rodel Azana. The entry won a total of P10,000 plus P3,000 for originality.

A slogan from Gen. T. de Leon National High School made the cut with a P3,000 prize for the line “Ipinagbabawal na droga ay hindi papasa sa mamamayang nagkakaisa.” An illustration from the Lingunan Elementary School made it to the list with a P3,000 prize.

Dr. Bryan Ilan, Program Supervisor-in-Charge, described the initiative against drug dependency as “herculean” but called on all sectors to remain vigilant and undaunted by “institutionalizing collaborative efforts.”

Speaking before a young audience at the SM Valenzuela Supercenter, DepEd-Valenzuela City Division Superintendent Dr. Flordeliza Mayari called on everyone to stand against drug abuse and adopt it as their own personal battle.

Text and Photos by Mark Lester S. Cayabyab for the Valenzuela City Public Information Office

November 27, 2009

Filipino filmmaker Ferdinand Dimadura dishes out biting take on hunger and globalization

This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who lives on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

"Chicken a la Carte"
Directed by: Ferdinand Dimadura, 2005

November 23, 2009

10-month feeding program to instill child care awareness

As the City of Valenzuela embarks on a 10-month long supplementary feeding program for undernourished children, health officials are bent on instilling positive attitude change in terms of child care among parents.

The Valenzuela City Health Council led by Mayor WIN Gatchalian and the City Health Office headed by Dr. Jaime M. Exconde Jr., launched the program Nov. 10 that will address malnutrition affecting some 1,121 children aged three to five chosen from 32 barangays.

Winona Villarueza, City Nutrition Program Coordinator, said the beneficiaries were selected thru health check ups by city health workers, in close coordination with the Center for Social Development and Welfare.

Each child will be allotted roughly P15 worth of milk, fortified biscuits and vitamins per weekday for 10 months to augment their nutrition needs. A monitoring routine will be implemented to track individual progress.

Villarueza noted that the program, nutritionists will also be working closely with the parents citing their role as essentially relevant to the success of the project. The program coordinator explained “parents should also be committed to providing their child proper nutrition and adequate care at home.”

In a report published recently by the World Bank, experts rooted “malnourished children perform poorly in school and are more likely to drop out” and thus have “lower life-time earning potential.” Reversing this trend will benefit not only the individual but also the community.

The City Health Office is placed at the center of development by the city government thru active capacity building strategies with different stakeholders.

The program formally commenced with 52 children joining the ceremonial feeding in First District’s Lawang Bato covered court while another 114 children took part in Second District’s kick off in Mapulang Lupa Day Care Center. Special Projects Office led by Dorothy Evangelista, together with barangay officials, spearheaded the campaign.

Members of the Valenzuela City Health Education and Promotion Office also gave the children lectures on sanitation and performed drills on proper toothbrushing and handwashing.

Mark Lester S. Cayabyab

November 16, 2009

Valenzuela confers SoKor mayor honorary Valenzuelano

BROTHERS. Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin T. Gatchalian confers on Bucheon City Mayor Hong Gun Pyo the Distinction of Honorary Valenzuelano.

In a gesture of admiration and gratitude, Valenzuela City, led by its chief executive, Mayor Sherwin T. Gatchalian, conferred the Distinction of Honorary Valenzuelano to compatriot in diplomacy, Hon. Hong Gun Pyo, Mayor of Bucheon City, South Korea in a rites studded by cultural presentations on Nov. 12.

Mayor Gun Pyo earned his Distinction for his “invaluable contributions to the development and welfare of the people of Valenzuela City.” The occasion fittingly fetes the four-day economic and diplomatic missions of the Bucheon city officials and its business leaders in the country.

Mayor Gatchalian said Valenzuela City is “very fortunate to have a sister city that is “caring and responsive.” He cited the humanitarian action taken in by the people of Bucheon in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ondoy late September. “Bucheon was among the first to help out the victims,” he said.

The Honorary Valenzuelano laureate was visibly pleased and humbled onstage at the Valenzuela City Center for the Performing Arts as he accepted his plaque of merit from Mayor Gatchalian. In true East Asian tradition, he bowed in appreciation of the honor bequeathed to him.

Mayor Gatchalian also presented to Mayor Gun Pyo a Symbolic Key to The City as a token of sincere welcome to its brothers and sisters from South Korea. They were joined by council members from both cities.

Mayor Gatchalian on the other hand vowed that his city shall be of help to Bucheon City should they need any assistance, thus upholding the treaty of mutually advantageous and practical exchanges in the field of the economy, trade, science, technology, culture, art, sports, youth and education development since 2006.

The ceremony was made more festive with youth presentations of folk and modern dances and theater performances from the Valenzuela City Center for the Performing Arts and the 30-member Bucheon City Performance Troupe.

Bucheon is a progressive but environmentally-conscious city of 850,000 people in Gyeonggi Province, the western central region of the country. It is located between Incheon City and the South Korean capital city of Seoul.

Text and Photos by Mark Lester Cayabyab
Valenzuela City Public Information Office

November 14, 2009

...Another day?

by Telepopmusik

Wikipedia: ""Breathe" is the title of the debut single by the French dance music group Télépopmusik. It features guest vocals by singer Angela McCluskey and appears on the group's 2001 album Genetic World.

The song was reviewed favorably by Chris Long at the BBC, who described McCluskey's vocals as 'breathless' and said the single was 'a deliciously silky track that lolls by a holiday pool and enjoys the sunshine.'"

November 10, 2009

20th Anniversary: The Fall of Iron Curtain

The, the online magazine for visual journalism presents on its November 2009 issue a photo essay by photojournalist Peter Turnley that provides an in-depth look on tumultous events that transpired the Fall of Iron Curtain 20 years ago.

Also featured is Turnley's exclusive Corbis images of Romanian strongman Nicolae Caeusescu,"one of the most despotic and threacherous dictators in the world since World War II," taken in his summer house in Snagov, Romania just four months before his execution.  

To see the "story of not just Berlin and the Wall, but a host of countries, peoples and lives," visit

November 7, 2009

Festivities, blessed pandesal mark Pistang Polo 2009 in Valenzuela City

Valenzuela City is once again celebrating the feast of San Diego de Alcala from November 3 to 12. 

San Diego de Alcala was a Spanish lay brother in 

1500s who would stash loaves of bread under his cloak he meant to share with the poor. The bread miraculously turned into stalks of roses after he was summoned on grounds of suspicion.

This year, the tradition, which is rooted to the more than 300 years of history of Valenzuela, continues with City Mayor Sherwin T. Gatchalian as Hermano Mayor.  One of the highlights this year is the blessing and distribution of thousands of pandesal, which are believed to bring miracles in the lives of those who join the celebration. 

Pistang Polo is the oldest and the grandest celebration of its kind in the city.  The Parish of San Diego de Alcala of the old town of Polo marks the feast day with a tradition of festivities and reverence to its patron saint that made pandesal as an instrument of sharing God’s blessings and of man’s compassion to others. 

This slice of life in Polo is even remarkably epitomized by National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal in his celebrated classic novel Noli Me Tangere in his fictitious town of San Diego. The chapter was aptly called “The Eve of the Fiesta,” that tells of “space is filled with noise and music, and the air is saturated with rejoicings.”

The City of Valenzuela invites the public to join the festivities.


Nov. 3, 2009

Start of Novena         

4:00 P.M.    Paseo (City Band)                        Polo Area

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                               Church

8:00 P.M.    Acoustic Band Competition         Polo Plaza


Nov. 4, 2009  

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Church

8:00 P.M.    Dance Contest                            Polo Plaza


Nov. 5, 2009  

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Church

8:00 P.M.    Accoustic Band Competition       Polo Plaza


Nov. 6, 2009  

5:00 P.M.   Novena/Mass                               Church

8:00 P.M.   Dance Contest                             Polo Plaza


Nov. 7, 2009  

8:00 A.M.   Jobs Fair                                     Covered Court

                   Medical Mission                           Polo Plaza

5:00 P.M.   Novena/Mass                               Polo Church

7:00 P.M.   Pasayaw sa Taga-Polo                Pio Valenzuela Elem

8:00 P.M.   Mutya ng Kasaysayan                 Polo Plaza


Nov. 8, 2009  

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Polo Church

7:00 P.M.    Alumni Homecoming                  San Diego Parochial


Nov. 9, 2009                          

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Polo Church

8:00 P.M.    Finals - Dance Contest               Polo Plaza


Nov. 10, 2009                        

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Polo Church

8:00 P.M.    Finals - Acoustic Band                Polo Plaza


Nov. 11, 2009                        

5:00 P.M.    Novena/Mass                              Polo Church

7:00 P.M.    Sagalahan                                   Polo Area

9:00 P.M.    Variety Show                               Polo Plaza


Nov. 12, 2009                        

Mass Schedules        

9:00 A.M.    Misa Cantada     

10:00 A.M.  Blessing and distribution of pandesal     


7:00 P.M.    Procession         

8:00 P.M.    Fireworks Display          

9:00 P.M.    Mini-Concert      

Mark Lester S. Cayabyab 

October 29, 2009

That falling feeling

Was it on Mellow Touch or LiteRock (now EasyRock) this song got massive airplay when it was released on the same year when I first had that same kind of special feeling?

By Ant & Dec
The Cult Of... Ant & Dec AKA PJ & Duncan

Every little piece of love, of love
I'll give you everything

You make me weak, girl you stand out from the crowd
You are so strong never let life get you down
I can't go on, pretending I don't see
Just how good I'd be for you and how good you'd be for me
And it doesn't matter how hard I try
I can't suppress this feeling, this feeling inside
I think I'm falling girl

I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
It doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter what you do
Baby it's true
I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
You know how much I care for you
There's nothing that I would, I would not do

Sometimes in life, you can search forever more
Searching for love, never able to be sure
Be sure your heart, won't be broken up inside
Cause inside the realm of love, there's no place to run or hide
And it doesn't matter how hard you try
You can't suppress this feeling, this feeling inside
I think I'm falling girl

I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
It doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter what you do
Baby it's true
I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
You know how much I care for you
There's nothing that I would, I would not do

And it doesn't matter how hard I try
I can't suppress this feeling, this feeling inside
I think I'm falling girl

I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
It doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter what you do
Baby it's true
I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you
You know how much I care for you
There's nothing that I would, I would not do

Wikipedia: "Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, known collectively as Ant & Dec, are a comedy and presenting duo from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. They are regular presenters on many high-profile ITV1 shows, including I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and Britain's Got Talent. The duo rose to fame as actors in the children's television show Byker Grove (1989) during which and in their subsequent pop career they were respectively known as PJ & Duncan - the names of the characters they had played."


Pulitzer Prize-winning Seattle Post-Intelligencer was about to cease its print run early this year when I faced a situation similar to that of its laid off employees. One of its former reporters, Kery Murakami, in an article by the Columbia Journalism Review gives a gleaming example on how to deal with the changing times.

Passion is one's salvation. I agree he's a reporter's-reporter. Here's the full article...

Visit the Online paper at

October 21, 2009

Of beers and closing doors

By Semisonic

Closing time - time for you to go out, go out into the world.
Closing time - turn the lights up over every boy and every girl.
Closing time - one last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer.
Closing time - you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - time for you to go back to the places you will be from.
Closing time - this room won't be open 'til your brothers or you sisters
So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits - I hope you have found
Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning'send.

Yeah, I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - time for you to go back to the places you will be from...

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning'send...

Music video by Semisonic performing Closing Time: Letterbox Version
with Chris Applebaum [Video Director], Danielle Lovett [Video Producer]
(C) 1999 Geffen Records

Wikipedia: ""Closing Time" is a song by Semisonic from their album Feeling Strangely Fine. The band's most popular song, it was written by Dan Wilson and produced by Nick Launay. The song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song in 1999.

The music video was directed by Chris Applebaum. It features two continuous shots, running side by side on the screen. One side shows the band playing the song in a rehearsal space. The other side features a woman (played by Denise Franco), who is playing the part of the singer Dan Wilson’s girlfriend. As the video progresses, Dan and the waitress switch sides of screen, as they attempt to meet up. At the end of the video, they both wind up at the same nightclub, but just as they are about to see one another, their view is obscured by a waitress walking through their line of sight, and Dan leaves the club alone.

The “trick” of the video is that each shot was done as one long, continuous shot, with no cuts or editing, and therefore relies on proper timing during the filming to get the two sides of the video lined up properly."

RockEd Philippines presents "RockMed Philippines: A Medicine Drive for Typhoon Survivors"

Start:     Oct 25, '09
Location:     CCP Tanghalang Pambansa Main Ramp
A free gig hosted to cheer the volunteer on and to collect medicine and medical supplies. Unilab will match our donations (for every Biogesic medicine donation - they will donate a corresponding one). If you have no time to buy - Unilab will sell a first-aid pack/ cold/cough packet for PhP100 - to be sold at the gate.


Markus Highway
Noel Cabangon
Paolo Santos
Sleepwalk Circus
Radioactive Sago Project
Juan Pablo Dream

Gig starts at sunset.

For more info, you can email or text 09177346742

October 19, 2009

Valenzuela set to expand city hall

A P90million structure is set to rise on the new government center of the City of Valenzuela as Mayor Sherwin T. Gatchalian, Vice Mayor Eric Martinez together with City Councilors, key city officials and construction partners groundbreak the People’s Center and Legislative Building, Oct. 14.

Construction will start next month and is expected to be finished within a 180-day timeframe.

The three-storey building boasts of 4,200 square meters of footprint space and will be integrated with the existing Executive Building adjacent to the proposed site. Once fully operational, several key offices of frontline services will be conveniently housed under one modern and more convenient home.

Expected to relocate are the offices of the Vice Mayor, City Councilors of First and Second Districts, Sangguniang Panlunsod Secretariat, Liga ng mga Barangay, Sangguniang Kabataan, City Health, City Social Welfare and Development, Public Employment Service, Department of Local and Interior, Bureau of Internal Revenue, City Accounting, City Finance, City Internal Audit and City Legal Office.

“We are building this center so that people will have greater and better access to city government services,” Mayor WIN said.

“This is for them and that is why we will call it the People’s Center.”

The city chief executive also bared plans of acquiring adjacent properties to further expand the city government center now conveniently located along McArthur Highway in Bgy. Karuhatan, the main thoroughfare cutting across Valenzuela. Mayor WIN proposes a park for the people once implemented.

Architect Glen Encarnacion, Head of Planning and Projects Evaluation of the City Engineering Office, said part of the Mediterranean-inspired structure also is a museum dedicated to the city’s heritage at the ground floor level.

The old City Hall, now under major renovation, will house the Hall of Justice and the Regional Trial Court. This will be connected to the new City Hall by an overpass bridge.

Mark Lester S. Cayabyab
Valenzuela City Public Information Office

October 18, 2009

What more can you be than the things they say you've been?

Say You Love Me
by Simply Red

Being one of those grains of sand
I get blown all around the world
And what I make of it
Oh I dont know
Whats the meaning of it
Oh I dont know

Ive been around so many times
That the worlds turning in my mind
What do I think of it
Oh its so so

What more can you be than the things they say you've been

Say you love me all around the world
Stay and hug me all around the world
Be yours a boy or be mine a girl
Just say you love me
Just say you love me

I never ever realised
Its so easy to make you cry
But did I break a bit
Oh I hope no
Have you forgot about it
Oh I hope so

But you never ever wonder why
In every single pair of eyes
There is a hunger in it
Or its soul dies

What more can you be than the things they say youve been

Say you love me all around the world
Stay and hug me all around the world
Be yours a boy or be mine a girl

Say you love me all around the world
Stay and hug me all around the world
Be yours a boy or be mine a girl
Just say you love me

Come on now darling say you love me
Oh yeah please please say you love me
Come on say you love me

365 Days, back in 1997

"365 Days"
Lutricia McNeal


Director : Quark Henares
Record Label : MCA Universal

October 16, 2009

Si Becky at mga antipara

Sa murang edad, naitanim sa aking isipan na ang pera ay pwedeng walis-walisin sa loob ng bahay gaya ng panwakas na eksena sa pelikulang "Ibalik ang Swerte."

Pero watch muna tayo kay Ate Guy sa kanyang dance number sa naturang pelikula na dinirenhe ni Maryo J delos Reyes noong 1981.

Luv it! :p

Back Here, twice

Back Here

Baby set me free
from this misery
I can't take it no more
since you ran away
nothings been the same
don't know what I'm livin for
Here I am
so alone
and there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby
miss you want you need you so
until you're back here baby
there's a feeling inside I want you to know
you are the one and I can't...let you go

So I told you lies
even made you cry
baby I was so wrong
girl, I promise you
now my love is true
this is where my heart belongs

Repeat Chorus:

And i wonder....
are you thinking of me cause I'm thinking of you
and i wonder....
are you ever coming back in my life

Repeat Chorus:

Until you're back here baby (til your back here baby)
til you're back here baby (til you're back, you're back)
until you're back here baby (til you're back here baby)
there's a feeling inside
I want you to know
you are the one and I can't

Until you're back here baby(til you're back here baby)
til you're back here baby(til you're back, you're back)
until you're back here baby(til you're back here baby)
til you're back here baby(til you're back, you're back)
until you're back here baby(til you're back here baby)

Wikipedia: "BBMak (Barry, Burns, McNally) were an English pop group consisting of Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally. Together they sold nearly three million albums and spawned six Top 10 and Top 40 singles worldwide between 1999 when the group was formed and 2003 when they eventually disbanded. The band also guest starred on Disney's television show, Even Stevens in 2001."

This is video was made before they made it big in the US. An alternative video was made as this single was re-released the following year.

Here's the more familiar video to the kids of late 90s...

October 15, 2009

Stubborn chick

Say What You Want
By Texas

Twenty seconds on the back time
I feel youre on the run
Never lived too long to make right
I see youre doing fine

And when I get that feeling
I can no longer slide
I can no longer run
Ah no no
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer hide
For its no longer fun
Ah no no

Well, you can say what you want
But it wont change my mind
Ill feel the same
About you
And you can tell me your reasons
But it wont change my feelings
Ill feel the same
About you

What I am is what you want of me
Yeh, now that Im not there
I took the tables away from you
Its turned that I dont care

And when I get that feeling
I can no longer slide
I can no longer run
Ah no no
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer hide
For its no longer fun
Ah no no

Well, you can say what you want
But it wont change my mind
Ill feel the same
About you
And you can tell me your reasons
But it wont change my feelings
Ill feel the same
About you

Well, you can say what you want
But that wont change my mind
Ill feel the same
About you
And you can tell me your reasons
But that wont change my feelings
Ill feel the same
About you

Ive said goodnight
Try to sleep tight
Ah just dream of me
Go close your eyes
Cause Ive closed mine
The sun will shine from time to time
Oh, when you dream of me, yeh

Well, you can say what you want
But it wont change my mind
Ill feel the same
About you
And you can tell me your reasons
But it wont change my feelings
Ill feel the same
About you

For the love of Robyn

Show Me Love
By Robyn

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Always been told that I've got too much pride
Too independant to have you by my side
But my heart said all of you will see
Just won't live for someone until he'll live for me
Never thought I would find love so sweet
Never thought I would meet someone like you
Well now I've found you and I'll tell you no lie
This love I've got for you
Could take me 'round the world
Now show me love
Show me love, show me life
Baby show me what it's all about
You're the one that I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about, alright
Don't waste this love I wanna give it to you
Tell me what you got, show me what you can do
Show me love, show me everything
I know you've got potential
So baby let me in and show me love
Show me love, show me life (alright)
Baby show me that it's all about
You're the only one that I ever needed (show me love)
Show me love and what it's all about, alright
Show me love, show me life
Baby show me what it's all about
You're the one that I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about, alright
Show me love baby
Show me everything you've got and show me life
Show me love baby
Show me everything and what it's all about
You're the one, the only one I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about, alright
I'll love you
I'll miss you
I'll make sure
Everything will be alright
I'll give you my heart if you just give me love
Every day and every night
Show me love, show me life (alright)
Baby show me what it's all about
You're the one that I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about, alright
Show me love, show me life (alright)
Baby show me what it's all about
You're the one that I ever needed
Show me love and what it's all about, alright

Wikipedia: "Show Me Love" is the fourth Swedish, third UK and second U.S. single from Swedish pop singer Robyn's debut album Robyn is Here. The song is sometimes confused with Robin S's 1993 hit "Show Me Love", because of identical song titles and similar first names. The two songs are not related, however.

In her home country, "Show Me Love" became Robyn's fourth hit, peaking at number fourteen, lower than "Do You Know (What it Takes)" and "Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)", which both went top ten.

In the U.S., the single peaked at number seven, her second consecutive top ten hit there. Similar success occurred in Australia where the single peaked at number two. In the UK, "Show Me Love" became Robyn's first of two top twenty hits from Robyn is here and her first top ten hit, peaking at number eight. In December 1997 the single received a Gold certification from the RIAA in recognition of 500,000 copies sold in the U.S.[1]

The song features at the very end of the Swedish movie Show Me Love. The film was originally titled Fucking Åmål but following controversy over the use of a profanity it was retitled for distribution in the English-speaking world after the name of the song."

Label: RCA Records
Writers: Robyn, Max Martin

October 6, 2009

Winning the fight vs child mortality

Amidst relief operations to the victims of tropical storm “Ondoy,” the City Government of Valenzuela under the leadership of Mayor WIN Gatchalian, has intensified its health drive with the launching of “Garantisadong Pambata,” Oct. 5, 2009.

Some 200 parents and their children aged five years and below from Karuhatan and San Jeremias daycare centers attended the kick-off. They received a package of services such as free vaccinations, booster shots, deworming tablets and Vitamin A supplements. They were also given a guidebook that underscores proper healthcare.

Punong Barangay Nicomedes Caco of Karuhatan, together with other city health officials, also provided treats at the simple ceremony in SM Valenzuela Supercenter activity area.

City Health officer-in-charge Dr. Jaime M. Exconde Jr., said the Valenzuela public could avail the services until Oct. 17 from 47 government health centers around the city.

Now on its ninth year, the bi- annual Garantisadong Pambata was institutionalized throughout the country as part of the Philippines’ commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality by two-thirds in 2015.

Records of Dr. Manny Mapue II, Chief City Epidemiologist, showed the city has successfully sustained this thrust. Statistics revealed significant decrease in mortality rate in 2008 among children one year to five years of age placing at 17.1 per 1,000 live births compared to 19.15 of the previous year. Furthermore, mortality rate among infants dipped to 13.82 as to 13.93 per 1,000 live births for the same period.

Dr. Exconde encouraged everyone to make Garantisadong Pambata work everyday for our children.

-Mark Lester Cayabyab/Valenzuela City PIO

October 1, 2009


Start:     Oct 1, '09
Location:     Valenzuela City Hall
As Redmark ushers in his 27th year, he will be writing for the Valenzuela city government thru its Public Information Office.

The former newsboy of Lores, student scribe of The Leader and The CoC Forum, newsmagazine contributor, and copywriter of M2.0 will be writing articles again that begin with its slug and end with a 30-mark.

The mighty pen is back bleeding inkblots for bread while photography will still be unspooled on weekends for wanton play.

Double the work, double the play.

September 24, 2009

"Chicago is ready" for 2016

Find out on October 2, 2009 if the International Olympic Committee finds Chicago as the best city for the 2016 Olympiad.

Will it outshine Madrid, Rio de Janiero, and Tokyo? Will Chicago's 45 per cent who responded to a survey opposing the bid change their minds?

Breeze thru for more info and stunning visions for the Chicago Games.

September 23, 2009

My World is Red

Colour My World
by Chicago

As time goes on I realize
Just what you mean to me
And now, now that you're near
Promise your love
That I've waited to share
And dreams of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you

Written by Chicago band member James Pankow and produced by James William Guercio under Columbia Records, "Colour My World" catches the hearts for generations since it's release on March 1970.

For just a short two minutes and 59 seconds of the song, the world seems to stop to take us back.

September 18, 2009

Qu'est-ce que tu deviens?

Here's a redmark self-portrait taken last month as he steps on Boracay's fine sand beach for the first time. His job brought him on the same spot on earth two weeks later.

Looking back, he was born in Sta. Cruz, Manila and was raised in Antipolo. He has shuttled in different places around the metro for work (and play): Sta. Mesa in Manila (as a journalism student), Libis (as a Jollibee crew), Ortigas (as a Newsbreak intern), Ayala CBD (as an eTelecare calll center agent), Araneta Center (briefly as a BPO employee), and Morato and Katipunan as photographer-writer.

He still loves to be on the streets.

Now based in Krus na Ligas for almost two years, he is setting his sight up north as he pushes on his 27th year.

Young and restless?

This year alone, he went to eight different locations he had never been before. He had seen the terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras and sunk one foot onto the sacred soil while framing a better angle of those golden Ifugao grains. He had seen parts of the Philippines up from a plane-a far better experience than seeing the Philippine Relief Map in Rizal Park. He photographed events and met people whom he had only known in memory-and virtually. He even breached his fear of waters by learning to swim all by himself. Thanks to Phelps, Amoranto and YouTube's JimmyDShea.

And oh, he just bought his first ever cellphone, a Nokia 1661, for a song in Greenhills. Talking about moving up from borrowed ones and hand me downs hehe.

But then some doors closed. But windows opened up to infinity. Things have to be even.

So what could be next for redmark? Doesn't he love elipses?

What have you been up to?

Start:     Sep 21, '09
redmark gets even at 27

September 13, 2009

Assembling the Tribute in Light

"The Tribute in Light is assembled atop the parking garage over the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel near Ground Zero in preparation for the remembrance of the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

There are spotters in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Manhattan helping to determine if the lights are straight. By flagging the individual light, the spotters and the workers on site are sure they are all looking at the same light.

Each tower of light is made up of 44 individual lights. They will all be turned on before sunset on 9/11 and become visible as the sun sets. They will fade away at dawn on 9/12. "

A Tribute in Light

"In a series of photographs from the past six years, photographer John Munson captures the September 11th Tribute in Light, from the moment it illuminates the night sky to the time it fades with the dawn."

August 22, 2009

Subtle movers, violent shakers

The world's finest crop of press photography for 2008 in a hard core ensemble at the World Press Photo 2009 Manila Exhibition at the SM Mall of Asia.

See other World Press Photo exhibits in Manila on redmark : and

August 17, 2009

Good morning, Talaga

I was assigned to cover the Batangas Tourism Office's Amazing Tingloy Island Discovery Race over the weekend for DecisiveMoments. The island municipality is being groomed as a premier adventure and ecotourism destination in the province. Travelers from Batangas mainland need to take a banca ride from Talaga Market in the town of Mabini shown on this spread.

Here, first time visitor redmark witnessed how morning can turn gray to gold. Something amazing indeed on my way to the Amazing Discovery Race...

August 12, 2009

DaKom features the redmark on its 2009 AVP

The Communicator, the official student publication of the PUP College of Comunication unspooled this video at the college's 2009 Freshmen Orientation featuring Dakom's bio and some of its alumni (including yours truly hehe).

Running at six minutes and 40 seconds, the AVP is produced, written, narrated, and edited by BBrC159 student JM Nualla. Soundtrack lifted from Japanese drama "Nobuta wo Produce."

Thank you, Dakom! Mabuhay po kayo!

July 31, 2009

To convene the Laging Handa creatives for a meeting...

...all it takes is a call from the lobby guard announcing the arrival of Manong Fishball and his kawali of simmered goody balls. Yum!

July, 24, 2009
M2.0 Communications
Laging Handa, Quezon City

July 29, 2009

ASEAN photo contest zooms in on biodiversity

The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) is now accepting entries to the First ASEAN-wide photo contest “Zooming in on Biodiversity”.

In partnership with the European Commission, ASEAN Member States, and the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, the photo contest seeks to popularize the values of biodiversity through the medium of photography.

ACB Executive Director Rodrigo U. Fuentes said only a small fraction of the global population, mostly scientists and environmentalists, understands the role that biodiversity plays in humankind’s survival.

“This lack of knowledge often translates to the lack of care for the very environment. There is an urgent need to popularize biodiversity and one effective way is to use the power of photos. By translating biodiversity and its relationship with health, food security, climate change and other everyday human issues into powerful images, we can generate a greater awareness for this often-difficult-to-grasp concept,” Fuentes said.

The contest will run until 30 August 2009 with a total of US$7,700 total prize at stake. First placers in the three categories will have an opportunity to exhibit their winning photos and attend the ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity in Singapore on 21 – 23 October 2009 for free. Open to all residents of ASEAN Member States Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam, the contest welcomes entries which are exclusive to the contest, unpublished, and not submitted to previous contests. Entries should capture various images related to biodiversity (plants, animals, marine life, ASEAN Heritage Parks) or the many benefits that biodiversity brings to human beings, its importance, the threats biodiversity face (deforestation, climate change), or how biodiversity affects lives. Photos showing initiatives to protect biodiversity resources such as plants, animals, and marine species are also welcome. Entries can also depict biodiversity as source of food (food and agriculture); biodiversity as source of medicine (health and medicine); biodiversity as source of shelter; biodiversity and climate change; the aesthetic value of biodiversity; biodiversity as source of livelihood; and biodiversity and ecotourism.

For more info,

The Free Angkor Photo Workshops 2009 is on

The Free Angkor Photo Workshops 2009 edition is calling for candidates. The free workshop is open to Asian photographers aged not over 28 (born after October 1980). Potential participants must be working either as freelance or staff photographer, or be studying in courses including photography.

The photographers must submit their application along the guidelines provides (see below); the workshop is conducted in the English language, and students must bring a DSLR camera and a laptop. They must have sufficient knowledge of an editing program (such as i-View media pro, Bridge or Aperture) and a basic understanding of Photoshop.

We will select a group of about 24 participants and provide at least 4 tutors chosen among internationally recognized photographers. The participants will be provided with accommodation
and a substantial per diem for the duration of the workshop. Travel expenses to and from Siem Reap will not be paid. We advise potential participants to look for their own sponsors for that part.

During the workshop lasting one week, the photographers are allowed to work on a story of their choice, but will need to submit it to the organizing team research which reserves the right to refuse a subject, and will need to research it before getting to the workshop.

Deadline: August 2009

Workshop dates:
November 22 to November 28, 2009.

Workshop 2009 organizers/facilitators:
Roland Neveu (based in Bangkok)
Patrick de Noirmont (Paris & Bangkok)
Olivier Nilsson (Bangkok)

Tutors (partial list):
Antoine d’Agata (Magnum Paris)
Patrick de Noirmont (AP Paris & OnAsia Bangkok)
Olivier Nilsson (Picture editor OnAsia Bangkok)
Philip Blenkinsop, Nic Dunlop,
Tim Page, John McDermott and many more.

Download application forms  at:

For updates, check out

Pork on one's portfolio

Portfolio Review days at Silverlens

Moderated by Rachel Rillo, Isa Lorenzo and Others

A portfolio review is a good way to evaluate in which direction your photography is going. A regular objective review is essential in any photographer's growth, either as a shooter of found photographs or as a creator of staged images. Three portfolio review dates are available on an appointment basis. The photographer is encouraged to choose one date, all reviewers will be available to see their work.

September 5, September 19 or October 3
Saturdays, 1-4 pm
Fee: Php 1,000

TO REGISTER: Call Leonore at 8160044 or 09052650873, email 50% Reservation Fee required. Balance due on the first day of classes.