January 12, 2011

Eternal affair

With images of clouds embracing the cold mountain caps of the Cordilleras still burning in my memory, I went to this lakeside park in Angono and saw 2011's first sunset with serene glee.

There's an undescribable drama that fills the air whenever the sun rises from the east and when it settles down towards the west. People would find the best spot during these times and would tag along their loved ones to appreciate together the two best shows in the world.

But in this case - at the town known for Higantes, the reverie that envelops everyone during the feast of San Clemente, and that thousand-year old engraving on a cave's wall - the blazing sunset was all mine.

It's fine if they turned down my offer for that special sunset. There will always be sunsets.

- redmark
January 1, 2011


Mark Angeles said...

dslr ba gamit mo? turuan mko!!

Edgar Cortez said...

pano pumunta sa park na to?